Sundays are always the worst day in the week


I am now working on something lewd again as always, but I can’t decide how her hair should look like. Meanwhile, I looked up pictures from Naoki Saito and it really makes me wanna improve myself faster now. But eh, now with the exams coming closer, I guess I won’t be drawing much.

So, I had my presentation this week about my research topic and it went well except for the questions at the end. But oh dear, PhD students always ask these hard questions…. But I am just happy that it is finally over. I still have to correct my report for it, but I am basically done. Talking about exams and stuff, I already wrote my first exams this semester and we’ll see what results are coming in, ha. I couldn’t answer one question, but it was just one out of 18 or 19 questions, so not a big deal I suppose.

Oh, I can finally do windmills now (even if it is only one round):

Oh hey it’s-a-me!

I also finally finished Fire Emblem Echoes:

Sad for Faye, she doesn’t get her love. I know a certain someone, who is in the same boat haha. The ending credits are really nice! I am in love with it.

Talking about my Sunday, I have to say that it is always the worst day of the week. Not a coincidence, eh? So recently I am not feeling well, like a little bit tired out and exhausted as always. But even while sleeping for a longer period of time, I don’t feel like being fully awake. Furthermore, I got this dumb email from PayPaI (yes, it’s an upper case i).

I recently got an E-mail like that too, but I was able to distinguish it at the time as a phishing mail. But somehow not in this case. Probably also because I wasn’t feeling very well. So I opened the mail, clicked the link and almost logged in this cunning phishing site…. I would have, if my browser wouldn’t warned me, that it was kind of unsafe. Here I want to thank FireFox for doing that. Because of that, I checked my account by a safe route by going to the official PayPal site and I was wondering what happened. Checking email again I noticed it was this dumb E-mail, which wasn’t shown immediately in my inbox. I have to change that somehow because what the fuck. So here I am still shocked about this fact, that I almost could have lost all of my money, especially before I am going for my Japan trip in 2 months. I immediately changed my password and did some things to fortify my PayPal safety…. I hope nothing will happen, though. Fcking phishers…. To hell with them.

That it happened to me still bothers me. I got the E-mail while working and afterwards, I was worried to the fullest. I still am… At the time I logged in with the working PC of the delivery service and I just do hope we didn’t get some kind of virus on the PC. It doesn’t have any proper anti-virus software as I know it… Sigh.

A dear friend of mine had her birthday. I spent some quality time with her.

I also did draw something neato for her:


She is a biochemist and she really likes Kirby and E.coli. I always so feel comfy and calm with her around, but those times will soon fade away, too. Well, I AM busy with drawing then when I arrive in Japan… Ha.

Doggy icecream


Cute doggy with glasses eating some water ice. Man… recently my tags are all filled with NSFW and there is no stopping it. Also some comparison with a picture I sketched six years ago:


Time really flies, huh? But while time is rushing so fast nowadays, some things just never change, haha. Oh dear little 16-years-old me. I am still waiting to do a 10 years difference picture with my first attempt to touch the graphic tablet. Nostalgic. Have a look of the full NSFW after the break.

Studying works out just fine at the moment. I really did spend a lot of time studying this last week, but at least I am up to date with another lecture now. My supervisor still hasn’t checked on my report and I will be giving a presentation next week about it. Not that I need the report beforehand, but it still would be nice, since the exams are coming closer and closer to me.

As for my windmill training. It’s going well! I can now do a proper round, but the transition to any other rounds is still hard. Also practicing coin drops now, since I need that for parties… If I ever attend one, haha.


I went for a nice BBQ evening with some friends in the evening. It was pretty chill and I did eat too much meat again. Man I seriously need stop doing that at a BBQ. Instead, I need to bring even more veggies! Veggies on a grill tastes better than expected. Like for realzies man.


My stomache was full with tasty goodness.

I also did visit an old friend of mine I haven’t met for a long while.


She studied with my chemistry for the bachelor and then left it to pursue a career as a journalist. She recently got admitted to a journalist’s school and her boyfriend organized a surprise party. Well, I didn’t make it in time, but at least I WAS there. Unfortunately for her, nobody had the time to visit her, except for me and of course her boyfriend. While her boyfriend slept early (currently he is not at his best), we got to talk about a lot of things. Good thing I met her after that long time.


This weekend I got a day off on Saturday and I pretty much used it for sleeping, studying and of course, drawing. It’s the reason why I finished the picture anyway, haha. Finally got to draw for a longer period of time than 1 hour or less. The day really showed me, that I need more days like these.


Also I need more sleep. I don’t know, everytime I wake up I just don’t feel 100% awake. Even when I am sleeping late. Probably need more days than one, where I can sleep properly.

Talking about work: I met a spider.


Also we did a mistake today by mistaking one topping of a family pizza. She was calling us and wanted a redone pizza. I was like: “Yeah, we could give you a discount on your next order or we can redo your pizza.” She was like “I paid 16€ for the pizza so I want to get the exact pizza I want.”
Sigh. I mean because of one replaced topping. I was telling it would take some time because we are having a rush hour but then she just spouted out we shouldn’t have done a mistake then. People nowadays, seriously. Furtheron, my brother delivered the pizza and she was asking what are we gonna do with the pizza. He told her that we can’t do anything about it but to throw it away. She then was wondering, why because there are people in Africa suffering. Yeah, why you didn’t eat it then? She got some nerves here being picky about onions, instead of having pepper bells. Because of stuff like that, I really despise the Germans for having such picky tastes in overall. Well, we didn’t actually threw the pizza away of course. The cold pizza was served to us and the staff. I am getting the tired of these customer situations, seriously. Today was another situation, which my brother handled very well. He just knows his stuff and is more immersed in the delivery service than I am. I wish I could debate that well. In the end I have to say after three years of working as a telephonist, I really despise engaging my customers. Not always, but very often. But ey as always, for the familia, eh?

My mom did buy orange juice for me. I feel really American now:


Now finally, have your NSFW picture after the break.

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Relax and studies


Progress is slow because I feel tired all the time. Also a little bit agonizing that I don’t get to draw often as I used to. Recently I have seen some pervy pictures by xxzero and it really wanna makes me draw mad. I will have the time… I will.

Now my supervisor still hasn’t corrected my report, but oh well. It’s not like I’m not busy with stuff etc.

I went to a public swimming pool for the first time after a long while. Also got into a steam bath. It was really relaxing to be in water again. Feeling light laying around in the water. Afterwards, I did something I still regret somehow. I ate a burger in Mc Donalds.


Wasn’t that worth it for 1.20€. But I was really hungy that day, because I barely ate anything. Unfortunately, recently it became a routine, that I don’t eat properly. I feel really bad about it and I am also lazy to change that. Need some healthy greens and fruits again, ha. Well at least in the weekends, I get some very tasty food!

On other news, my good friend did collect a ton of deposit bottles and we did some nifty pictures with it.

It also was my first time I had a cucumber in my pants. Ha. In total we collected 464 bottles worth of 116€. Oh geez. It was a little bit embarrasing to hand over the bottles to the store. They had a maschine for this purpose and we blocked it for quite some time. Some people even asked, if we were poor. Oh dear. Not with this style.

Money in the bank.

I also made a special person worry very much about me. I feel really guilty about it, since I got really emotional in an exaggerated way. I guess these days do happen from time to time, especially when university and work is life.


But hopefully, my efforts and sweat in university are not in vain. Well I can still start out as a hentai artist. Ha.

Working on some doggy BJ


Really having some fun on this one.

So basically I am still not done with my report for my research internship. It really lasts a long time, huh? it’s been like two months. My supervisor is currently correcting it and I really hope he doesn’t destroy it too hard. Meanwhile, I have been studying some of my lectures and I guess I will manage somehow.
Sigh… today a friend of mine also asked me to hand over my summary that I am currently working on. It’s not like I am not OK with it, but it sounds really exploitative from him. He has been doing it for years and it really gets on my nerves. I also would like to do any other stuff but I have to squeeze the time to get some work done for the lectures. I mean as you can see, I am barely drawing. To be honest, though, I really do not know if he studies or not in the background. Still, he has this kind of vibe that he wants to have everything. Sigh. Well he is giving me some stuff for another lecture that I really can’t visit, so it’s a good trade off. Unfortunately, his written notes are not meeting my standards. Well I am trying to be nice to everyone here but at some point I feel really exploited at the end. I could tell about some cases, but let’s just don’t do it here, shall we?

At the delivery service, I noticed that bucket, where we are growing some spices or herbs? It looked really cool dozing off, so I took a picture of it:


It has already been three years since the delivery service opened for the very first time. My life has been busy for so long, huh? Oh well….

In my acrobatics course, there were so few people that the whole group decided to work stuff on their own, so I decided to do some frontflips and trying to figure out how the windmill move works best for me. I was really exhausted at the end, because the windmill really drains my power really fast. Well, it is a really hard move after all. I do have a video of me trying to get it done, but wordpress doesn’t allow me to upload videos. Ha. Well I failed anyway.

Afterwards I visited the Summer Tollwood festival 2017, which is taking place at this very moment. It is festival to remind everyone to go veggie and being more careful and thoughtful about our environment. There are many foodstalls, which are only cooking with organic food and many other stores, who are selling clothes and other stuff often with the fairtrade mark. Basically everything goodie and beauty.

Because everything is fair, everything is also expensive. Me and a friend only bought food. Well, she did buy some postcards as presents. She even gifted me a handmade crab made out of pure sugar and a cute note for me!

She did warn me, that the crab probably doesn’t taste that good. Expected from only sugar. The note was a drawing of me! Really cutie and beauty for the first time of hers. Well I don’t have hair this long at the moment haha:


I haven’t gotten a present handmade like this a long time ago. I feel really happy about it.

Today I watched the last episode of Little Witch Academia. It was a gorgeous ending for a really cute and beautiful anime.


Heck, Trigger, it took two short movies and anime to get this ending. As always, Trigger just knows how to animate stuff. Especially the ending gave me the goose bumps all over my body. While watching it, Akko has never let go of her dream and it is really giving me some thoughts. Like she was so inspired by Chariot and kept on believing in herself and magic.


I wonder what would have happened, if I did the same thing with my art. I guess I will never know, huh? But I really felt like it while watching it. Oh well, life isn’t just like an anime….


There were basically the two characters, who were bound by their family traditions to not directly chase their dreams. Getting the feels there, man. Even though, I guess it’s the best not going down the artist route, eh? I mean, if I would have the passion and the conviction, I wouldn’t have studied chemistry, eh? But hey, I am still at a pretty young age of being an adult. Maybe someday, I get a good foothold to do these kind of things. If I ever do have kids, I hope I earn enough money, to let them pursue these kind of things…

Or maybe at least supporting them, ha. The story of a chemistry dad, who secretly draws pervert things, sounds funny, eh? Until I reach this, I guess I will fall into this neverending spiral of drawing less and less. To be honest, I am kind of scared becoming a PhD student because of that. No time for everything… oh dear.


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I miss my old manga workshop


Some naughty NSFW after the break.

So I had my meeting with my Professor this week, talking about my current results of my measurements, and I have to say I had several mistakes in my slides. But eh, whatever. It was OK in the end. Didn’t get to eat so many sweets this time around. With this wrapped up, I can finally work on my correction of my research report. Really hope it doesn’t consume so much time. It’s already half of the semester and I didn’t get to study much at the moment. Sigh…. It’s also worrying that I have two exams in one day… Probably will be ditching one? I never ditched one… And I would like to keep at it. I guess the upcoming weeks I gotta buckle up my studying.

This week in my freestyle acrobatics course I learned how to do a tornado kick. It looks really cool and at least one thing I can do kind of decent. I don’t know if it looks cool, though.

In the weekend, I went with my family to a birthday party. Once for a while, we closed down our store to have some fun with other vietnamese families. Have a pic of delicious food and from me, my brother and my dearest mother.

It was the 18’s birthday of a friend of mine, who breakdances. Of course, all other breakdancers I used to meet up frequently at the youth center showed up, too. We did get to talk a lot about the old times and some other stuff. Like how the youth center is doing. Apparently it’s not the crowded place as it used be anymore. More and more of us old guys are leaving the center, while fewer and fewer youngins are coming in. It’s sad really. I meet up with my artist friend from back then and it was really cool to talk to him again. But we didn’t get to talk about much because I had to leave rather soon, because I had to work the next day. I also got talk with some friend, who is now visiting the current manga workshop, which takes place in the youth center. He is really proud of me establishing the workshop back then in 2013, because he is really enjoying to have the course. For him, it’s not only about drawing, but also about socializing with some other guys and gals who like anime and manga in general. I despised it back then. When it wasn’t purely about drawing but also talking about anime and manga stuff. But I guess times are changing and when it’s done while drawing I can get over it. Maybe I am growing old and lazy, haha. It also was the first time, when somebody came up to me and was like: “Hey, you are an amazing guy for doing this and that!” I feel really honored and a part of me is of course sad, that I am not leading the workshop anymore. I have been thinking about doing something similiar in my university town Munich. But as work is not coming off my shoulders, I guess I won’t be doing it for a while. Sigh. At least the current workshop is placed in good hands the past years by a good fellow Xunq. Sadly enough, I heard he is dealing with university stuff and doesn’t draw as much as he used to. Oh no.

Here is a promotional picture for my manga workshop back in 2013.


Speaking of getting cute and affirming words from the lovely people of this planet, I received this message at my tumblr account.


For once, this weekend I felt really happy about those after drawing for so long. Makes me wanna keep on doing my art. Like really ditching everything else I have to deal with at the moment.

Now have some NSFW after the break.

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Fridays are the best


Trying to draw more lewds again to get back on track.

I got my report back from my supervisor and he really destroyed it. Like I don’t want to do much work for just 6 ECTS points for my Masters but well… He really wants me to write a little bit more than a report. Like a paper more to say. Sigh ~
I didn’t start to correct my mistakes and so on so it’ll take a while I guess. I hope it doesn’t go for too long, since I have to prepare for my exams. The sooner the better, eh?

Friday was a really cool day, like all recent Fridays. They are just the best.
This time around I watched “Koe no Katachi” – Kyoto Animation’s new movie. I have already read the manga and they just did a great job there. They skipped a few parts, but it wasn’t bad at all, overall. I could be nitpicky about some things, since I have read the manga, but it’s just great as it is.


Nishimiya’s voice is just the cutest.

I spend some quality time with a friend of mine and I even spent the night over my friend’s house. Ugh. I barely caught any sleep and the following day was kind of worse in it’s own way, but at least I did make some enjoyable memories, heh. I got picked up by my brother and I was barely awake in the car. Arriving at the delivery service, I thought we would unpack all the things we bought for the store and then immediately go straight home. Well. I didn’t know my brother ordered something to fix the pizza oven. I helped him, but I was really tired then. Nothing special, we only replaced something inside the oven. But since the electronics were kind of cramped inside this oven, it took a while.

I didn’t intend to drive home for work. I was supposed to have a day off, but a driver couldn’t come, so I was the backup if anything happens. Fortunately, it wasn’t a busy day so they actually didn’t call me in for work. I was really tired and I fell asleep very easily. I woke up 30 min after the store opened and I at least wanted to work something for uni or something. I wanted to nap just for a little while longer and I ended up sleeping until 21:20. I got some calls from my brother but luckily they weren’t work related or very urgent. I still got some work for uni done then, but it wasn’t really much. Most of the work I did the day after, haha.

I also had some time to work on the flyers I am supposed to do for the family.


I thought I would be done with it. But looking at it again, I didn’t change much compared to the last one.


My brother was OK with it, but then we talked about how I was not satisfied with it, since I wanted to do a complete overhaul of the flyer. We decided to give it some more time and it doesn’t has to be completed in a rush, like it was intended to.

Also I got finally accepted for an outgoing semster in Nagoya University! Really looking forward to it ;u;
I wish someone would completely organize my outgoing semester stuff….. haha. I really want to laze around.

You see I will be busy for a while, as always.
Just hope to sneak in some quality drawing time. Guess I gotta do my best.


A fine day in Salzyburger


Also I am finally done with this picture for the delivery service. Promotional work, ha! I still have to design the flyers, though. Oh dear.

Before I go on to babble about Salzburg, let me talk about the stuff I have to do because of real adult buisness.
So at the moment I have some stuff to do because of some scholarship and buisness to deal with the state support for my upcoming outgoing semester in Japan. It’s not that of a big deal, but still gives me a little bit of headaches. Especially the scholarship, because they don’t specifically state how I should prove some stuff. But I guess I only have to collect some data and then I’m good to go. I really hope I get it, because they money is reallyyyyy good. For the state support …. I still have to send some stuff in, but it should be also be fine. They just thought, that I am studying “International Management” in some other university. Where is that information coming from? I am really wondering.
In addition I really have to think about my current flat. I had some talk with my dad and in the end, it would be the best to just quit the contract? I really don’t know at the moment. But I kind of guessing that would be the best? Do I really find something cheaper than that? I am talking about Munich here. My current flat also has some balcony, that I rarely use, increasing my rent. There are some other flats in the building, where you don’t have a balcony…. That would be the best. I guess it would be rather easy to get in there again, after quitting the contract because I do now know their contact data now.
To be honest, when it comes to flats and rents and stuff I am really not the adult for it. Makes me worry a lot …. haha.
Another option is to sublease my flat. I already got the permission to do so but when I get all my stuff in my flat, I guess it would be the best to aim for some flats in the same building where the rent is lower…. sigh…

I really don’t like to do adulty stuff. All I want to do is drawing stuff and cuddling. But because of adult life, it gets neglected pretty harshly the recent months.

As I am writing this at about 1 am, I came home from my work at the delivery service. It was by far one of the busiest days I have faced for a long time. Only having five drivers at my disposal and an unforgiveable barrage of calls, internet orders and customers at my front door really gave me the headaches, the bad ones. I was the lone telephonist but I sure did a great work I have to say. Even though, not everything went perfect of course (like deliveries for 2 hours, oh dear I am still sorry) we still managed. The whole team was exhausted after the work.
I really hate to work at Sundays like these, but they are giving the whole family more money. I guess I still have to suffice, eh?
While working, there were some really bad times, but then I thought about the fun memories I had some days before work.

And that’s Salzburg.


I went to Salzburg with a friend of mine. A really cute one, too! It was a very sunny day so all I did was wandering around and sweating my ass off. Like buckets of them. My friend did too. It was a really sticky at the end.
Salzburg itself is really beautiful. To be more precise the stuff around the town. The layout of the town though was really cool, having a lot of small alleyways, even though most of them were filled with tourists, haha. Everywhere you could see stuff about Mozart in any way possible. Also it was my first time to eat a Mozartkugel. It was really tasty despite it had some marizpan (really hate those, but maybe my taste is changing). The town itself, as I said, wasn’t really that spectacular for some reason. Maybe I am being all sassy, but the surroundings really made it for the town. There are two mountains, one of them is the Kapuzinerberg, probably famous for having christians in it and the other one, which is probably more well known, has Salzburg’s fortress. We went to both of them and the wandering was really cool, especially at the Kapuzinerberg. It was more nature-bound than the other one of course, since the fortress is more tourist driven. We even acidentally went right into a building site. But lucky enough, no one was there haha. We also did see more animals at the Kapuzinerberg, like little mouses and some squirrels running around. We also had a nice overview of the town by walking up those two mountains, getting some nice few shots. Because the town itself is near the alps, you could see them too!
At the time we were in Salzburg, the christian’s Pentecost was going on all around the town. It was some kind of event especially targeted for young christians. They were having workshops of some kind (like probably how to be a good human overall and stuff like that) and there was even a 24/7 praying session. A 24/7 praying session! Now that’s new in my head. It didn’t bothered me in general, in fact it was really cool that young people would visit something like that, despite going there for religion or not. Trying to be a good human is always nice, eh? A good friend of mine was attending there, and we were supposed to meet up somehow. Unfortunately we didn’t meet up and we should’ve planned this ahead sooner. Probably we just grazed each other haha.

Have a whole bunch of pictures:



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