Chill week and autumn hiking


I am getting closer and closer to my deadline for my four page manga. I am also getting closer to my midterm Japanese exam. Argh.

Speaking of my manga, I have been visiting the Manga club only once a week. But when I do, oh boy. It’s like a really good 2nd living room for me in Japan, including my productivity peaks at that time. For example I have been there 1:00 pm – 10:30 pm and it just feels good to draw for that long again. Surrounded by goodie people and also my pseudo tandem partner. He talks very good Japanese, but he forgot most of his English skills so we kind of fit to each other to study the languages. We often got into talk about our views how to survive as an artist and if we should take the risk. Correction: If I want to take the risk. He is really going for it. He even tries to create a 40 page one-shot manga at the moment. Geeee.
I am still waiting for my debut as a hentai artist, haha…


Recently, Pocky Day 2017 happened, and I bought a ton of Pocky…. I am getting slowly sick of chocolate. Like an overdose of chocolate, haha.

I also drew something quick for Pocky Day:


Have some more kaboosh after the break.

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Have been only working on my manga at the moment and it’s getting somewhere! I also visited the club only once this week, since I wanted to get some work done on my manga without carrying my heavy laptop all the time, but it’s also fun to try to talk with my fellow members! I even got into funny conversations and also talking about Japanese grammer, it’s the weirdest. I sometimes just feel very bad, that I can’t talk Japanese properly because some of them can actually talk English in some level, enough to understand each other and very basic. Phew ~ I just am glad there is another exchange student, who has been studying Japanese for seven years and knows more English than most of the other members… Ha. He is very determined when it comes to drawing and he always praises me for my art, but I also think his art is incredible, too. Well we are focusing at other things, like I draw megane moe girls all day long while he is into mecha. He is also mostly drawing traditionally, like he is doing his four page manga completely on paper and also inking…. Oh dear. He is also aiming to be a great mangaka, like some other members of the manga club, and he is trying to motivate me, too. Hmm.

Speaking of inspiring people, Speedosausage released a new animation, which is a music video for Snail’s House.

Speedosausage also released an Q&A this year:

He is just as old as me and I am like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Well I do study chemistry…. Haha.
Watching all the artists doing delicious juicy art really makes me wanna quit everything and just concentrate on my drawings, haha. But too many doubts and the skill is also missing. I guess not enough determination for it, too.

Sigh, I need to invest more time into my drawing the recent days, because I feel like neglecting drawing a little bit.

Have some Halloween feels and some trip after the break.

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Rock Toyota Hard

Gotta keep on working and I have about one month to finish it. Also the panels of the first page changed a little bit, since the kind people in the Manga club noticed that I am doing it wrong. Haha. I didn’t even know there are kind of rules for drawing panels, eh? But well now I follow them ;u;
Also while drawing Manga I noticed I have a little bit of a hard time, keeping my characters consistent, especially the main heroine.

But well, gotta keep on drawing, eh? Gotta say I feel a little bit unconfident about my art again but then I saw the video of dunkeyyyy. Ayyyy, keep on drawing.

Also I just noticed, that the pictures in google photos still get copied to my storage in wordpress, so my problem still remains, oh no.

Have some Japanese stuff after the break, including the Toyota Rock Festival 2017 and the canceled Nagoya Festival.

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Working on some Manga


Have been working on some manga for the Manga Club and it’s a sad story indeed. I have been thinking about it hard for the past week, but I guess I can handle this kind of short story until my deadline. Here are some further sketches.

Especially the second picture really makes me uncomfortable. I am just too used to draw with my graphic tablet, oh no. Also my first time to worry about my paneling. My first page is already a panel-mess, I really have to shorten it. I mean look at this mess:


I guess it’s a rather often mistake made by mistakes. Conveying a story line like a book and try to describe everything as good as possible. But sometimes, just for the story’s sake, you gotta cut some unnecessary stuff, eh? Like for the first page, I would like to boil it down to the most three or four important panels. We will see how it will turn out, argh.

Also I don’t worry too much about my data space here in wordpress anymore, since I found out I can actually connect the worpress account with the google drive account, haha.

As always, some Japenis stuff after the break.

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