Slowly starting to draw again


I am slowly recovering from my vacation and from being lazy, being introduced to the university life in Japan again. Fortunately enough –  I don’t have so many courses anymore, but I will get more into that later.

As for drawing: Man you really have to keep that flame going and keep on drawing. Even the two week vacation without any drawing in any kind set me way back. But it wasn’t the only thing – I became really lazy for the start of the new year but it’s getting better recently, a little bit. But as this week was going, I was lazy as fuck. Like I was drawing only bits everyday – sometimes only making some lines. Welp – I am also to blame for that because I recently also started to play Fallout 4 and still have my Gameboy Micro. Ah well… Next week for sure! I mean, I am almost done with that picture… (but it has a really simple background…. haha.)

Ehh – but yea: Have some more experiences in my boring first week in 2018 back in Nagoya.

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New year 2018 and traveling Yaeyama, Osaka, Kobe and Hiroshima



Heya guys, I am late in the party, eh? Well I have been traveling a lot the past two weeks, but I will get into that later.

Welp, I wish you a happy new year and onwards to 2018. Another year passes and as always at the start of a new year, I feel a little bit shit inside because another year passes by that I realize, I don’t have a loving girlfriend, haha. Well… another try this year then?

As for new year’s resolution: The year of the cock last year was really fun and I improved a lot since then. I wonder if I can keep this up with the little time I have in Japan and for this year I try to improve my backgrounds in general. Ever see those cool scenery concept drawings from any games? Not exactly like that, probably more amateur like, but I’m gonna try to improve that. To be honest with you, I am kind of intimidated of this task, since I really gonna start something else other than cute girls with glasses. I also was playing around with the thought of working on a book called “Lonely Road” which would feature some art with background work. I am still not sure, but I guess I will figure it out along the way in 2018.

Welp, have some stories about my travels in Yaeyama (Okinawa), Osaka, Kobe and Hiroshima.

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NSFW Advent calendar 2017 #18-24



Heyyyyy, I am finally done with my advent calendar, neato! Ugh… I yearned for this day and after finishing the last picture… I felt relieved. I still have one picture to go, since I want to draw some small picture for the new year 2018. With the end of the year coming closer and closer, I also have a improvement map for y’all:


Since I have been in Japan, especially with the last 24 days, I improved a lot. I hope I can keep up with that. But next year I will also be in Germany back to my actual university stuff and work, so we will see how things will turn out.

If you are interested into my other Advent calendars, you can check these out:

If you are interested into my improvements over all, you can check these out here:
2017 (Gathered together)

Geee, what a list. Also very nostalgic.

As always, some Japanese stuff and the full NSFW pictures after the break.

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NSFW Advent calendar 2017 #11-17


Oh hey, it was my birthday this week and I turned 23 this year! Oh golly. This week has been a little bit rough on the edges for my advent calendar, since I have two really crappy ones and also had some nice help from an Austrialian artist I met in my stay in Japan. Her artist name is mintyred and she has done very kindly upon my request day 16! Also since I really want to have some guest artists in my advent calendar, haha. But I guess the rest is up to me.
Also I am thinking I am improving and improving bit by bit while doing this every day, but because I had so many social interactions with other people this week. This also takes up time and I always underestimate how long it takes to get something done in a decent quality, so: Something has to give in – in this case my Japanese courses and its preparation. For weeks I have not been completely up to date with Japanese and I am actually doing the bare minimum. Art itself is buisness, as well, huh? I also kind of noticed, that I won’t be a professional artist ever in my life. I just want to relax while drawing, really.

But yea: Have some more impressions of my week and also the full NSFW pictures at the end of this post – after the break.

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NSFW Advent calender 2017 #4-10

Oh boy, oh boy. The advent calender is keeping me busy with drawing again. Some part of me just doesn’t want to meet anyone and just drawing hentai all day long just to keep the advent calender at a decent quality going. I already have some lower quality/jokey ones for the next week, haha. But at least I had some good times while I wasn’t drawing. Like hiking, making amateur sushi and going to a christmas market. Unfortunately, I also have to keep tabs on my Japanese lectures. Currently I really do hate every lecture at the moment – I want to draw hentai! Anyways, I do wonder how I did my advent calender last years but we are talking about drawing hentai here… Hard buisness and not so easy, ha. Well at least I got the feeling I’m improving this time compared to the last advent calenders.

Have some Japanese feels and the full size NSFW pictures after the break…

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NSFW Advent calendar 2017 #1-3

Hey it’s that time of the year again. And this time around: A full NSFW advent calendar for everyone over 18 years old! Oh gee. Of course they are cut out for the people, who don’t want to see them :^). But if you want to, just go to the end of this post. Anyway, I can already tell this is not gonna end well for my social life, haha. But I am really invested into it. This week was really full of drawing, since I actually started to draw before December started to give myself more time to draw each picture and up until now, it works pretty good at the moment! As it is now, I already finished #1-6 now and I really hope I can keep with it. Fortunately, some courses are running to the end this December, which gives me more extra time for drawing. On the other hand… I really neglected my Japanese course this week, haha. On Friday I even had a Japanese grammar test that I completely forgot, since I was drawing everyday like crazy. I was lucky that day, since my Japanese teacher was kind enough to revise the grammar and my brain absorbed it like hell. I got everything right except for miswriting いらっしゃる (I placed the small つ wrong, haha). If it weren’t for the repetition, I would have failed really bad. But even then, I wouldn’t care if I have to be honest, haha. I mean I am doing a NSFW advent calendar here!

In other news: The cover for the Rhapsody book is done! It wasn’t made by, but by the Manga Club’s captain (as I call him wholeheartedly). His pen name is Mokko.


The cat looks really funny, but all in all: Pretty good!

Before I will blabber on with my not exciting week: Hideo Kojima also have an advent calendar! Even Lego! I wish I had one, but now I guess it’s too late! Oh no!

On some other note: I watched an interview of an hentai artist Kinntarou and it was really cool to hear about his life… Not that hentai artists are weird, but I some times I feel misplaced in society while drawing Hentai, haha. Well it’s really fun, eh?

Have some Japanese vibes and the full NSFW pics after the break:

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Made for the Manga Club, since I kind of volunteered for the next cover of the internal Manga Club magazine, but I will talk about that later.
I have been working with monochrome/gray pictures for a while due to the manga and I am still not really used to it. But I really did enjoy the cross hatching in this picture, haha. Now with this done, too, I can finally draw lewd stuff (?). Especially because I want to draw an Advent Calendar 2017 again. And since it is the year of the cock, why not go out with a bang, eh? Also keeping my New Year’s resolution in check that way…

Also I have been feeling a little bit under weather lately. I guess the constant cold in Japan is kind of hitting me now. I didn’t expect that at all to be honest, but since Nagoya is near the beach and the ocean, and Japan being an island and shit, there is so much wind going in Japan. The houses without central heating and any kind of heat isolation doesn’t make it better, too. Winter in Japan is cold. And using the air conditioner to heat up the room doesn’t sound to be the best idea, too (I guess I get headaches because of that… but, eh who knows why). I also have to be careful my eating here, too. Japanese doesn’t seem to eat veggies a lot, haha. Well, not a good place for vegetarians, anyway.

Hear about my whining this week after the break.

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