I am not a good artist and some other stuff


Yea, I was still not satisfied with how I do outlines in general and I was looking online for outlines again, since I did the same for the brush settings on Paint Tool SAI. In the end, I just turned to the tutorial given by the Clip Studio Paint themselves (or let’s say, it was made by Hiroki Haruse). The artist there has a ‘minor’ different setting for the G-pen compared to the default setting but it made all the difference. Even though, I am quite satisfied with the current setting by Hiroki, generally I would like to make outlines like ge-b or Pas as you can see in the following:

ge-b has a seemingly messy kind of style of doing outlines, but it turn out really ok at the end and I guess you probably don’t notice it when you are zoming out of the drawing. It’s like a combination of a sketchy and finished drawing outline kind of thing. On the other hand, Pas has a very clean way of doing outlines and also has varying outline thickness. I don’t do that at all, but I should. With that said – I somehow can’t see myself doing it with the current G-pen settings. I know that I could set my brushes by myself – but how can I do that if I don’t even know what kind of brush I am looking for. There are all those settings, but I don’t know how it affects my the brush I am using. It seems a little bit selfish to ask artists for their brush settings … I mean they were setting them by themselves, too (or at least I am assuming that they did).

Speaking of fashion and color combinations of clothing – I suck really bad and I do consider it to be my next new year’s resolution. I never was the type of guy of drawing fashionable clothes at all if you follow me long enough. Basically, all of my gurls you see on the blog has a very simple approach to clothing – uniform color, nothing fancy, looks pretty basic and simple, lacks depth. Things like that. And you know – you are what you wear. Clothes in general has a great impact on pictures (or the kind of pictures I try to draw) as they have a great impact on people. It’s just pleasant to see people wearing nice clothes, eh? With that said – I don’t know which kind of color pattern the girl I am working on should wear. Artists often have their favorite color patterns and care a lot about them. It’s true that they should – you want to make your picture good looking. I didn’t really care about that, to be honest and it is really urgent that I should now. I often think about if things would be different, if I would be born as a girl. Fashion and color patterns I often consider as ‘girly’ and not something boys think about a lot. Why should they – most of them don’t really care about that anyway. Of course it is completely wrong and biased to say it like that – with a driving interest to that topic, effort and time – anybody can be an expert in anything, including fashion and color sense. The kind of effort I am probably too lazy to put effort in. I am just too lazy to read about those theoretical color pattern theory and such.

Speaking of an other topic about art. I have been watching the art life of two artists the other day – Temmie Chang (worked on Undertale) and Satchely (worked on Doki Doki Literature Club). It’s really inspiring to watch the both videos and how their art life worked out. Seeing stuff like that always makes me wonder if I can make it in the relentless world of being an artist. Especially the story about Temmie and her conflict between doing anime/manga art vs traditional art in college still really intimidates me. I know that it’s the best for an artist to also do a fair share in traditional art as conceived by most art professors and teachers. But as I am currently, I would be willing to do some things – but then again – only some. I still prefer to work on things I would like to work on rather than being assigned to draw something. With that said, my passion is just not high enough to put more effort into reading art books and stuff like that. But at least I am realizing, that I can’t move on faster without studying a little bit and I am actually trying to implement that right now in a different way. As in – watching how certain people draw and actually googling how to do things.
I am also always wondering how my life would turn out to be, if I did go for a different route. But you can’t reverse time, eh.

With all of this art talk – have some RL things after the break.

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Snowy backgrounds in spring


I started my last picture from scratch and looked up for reference and people who paint good, e.g. jjcanvas and a little bit of Bob Ross and look at that! I am quite satisfied with the background, but it still looks kind of messy. Maybe the messy style adds up for some A E S T H E T I C S. Oh well.

I also started to add a character to the background now and I kind of noticed that I should be drawing my backgrounds with a little bit more care. Especially Bob Ross didn’t draw any characters on his scenery paintings so he didn’t had to deal with this kind of headache I suppose (except for his beloved cabins). I ended up adding the character at the front of the picture rather than somewhere in the middle since I didn’t had any grid or something planned before and therefore it is harder to add any kind of character inside the scenery. Welp, I guess something has to give in, eh? But I guess it is fine how it looks right now, except for the fact that an anime character is being placed on top of a painty background.


Have some other stuff after the break.

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Annual draw Tamako 2018


Hey it’s Tamako! And it’s her outfit in this shot of her:

Looking all cute, eh? I wish I could design clothes as such. But I can’t. I do know so many female artists, who are giving their girls so cute clothes, I really do envy them. Sometimes I also think about stuff like: If I would be a girl I would wear that. How nice.

Anyway, drawing the annual Tamako Kitashirakawa made me realize how much I despise to draw actual fanart. I don’t know how people handle that. Everytime I do draw some character I am getting to fixated to the reference I am drawing from. So it’s like a weird mash up between my own style and the “foreign” style I am referencing off. Really weird.

Speaking of Tamako Market – if you are into it, you should definetly follow momoseMT in twitter. He/She is really into Tamako Market and draws fine fanart of her. Really ships Tamako and Mochizu really hard.

Also in my freestyle acrobatics course, where I got my first attempts to do a handstand (like a proper one with technique and such), I also realized that having a tutor makes life easier in every aspect. Sigh ~ I wish I had someone to guide me through my drawings, haha. Then again – I am not very active in the art community (I am not in one except for the StarvedArtists – but then again – not very active), due to my studies in chemistry and I am also too lazy to do any kind of tutorials online…
What I did find though, was a post about tracing real anatomy to improve oneself… Maybe I should do that. It would probably also give me less headache about posing and drawing the human body in general, since I wouldn’t call myself an expert in that and I am still just doing it wishy washy.

I also decided to dump my sketch from my last post. I don’t feel comfortable and confident enough to keep on working on that and I will just start at the scratch. Probably it’s better to draw the background first before adding the people, eh? I have this dumb character to always start with the person before adding in the background… It’ll probably take some time before I finish the next piece… haha.

Well, have some non-art related stuff after the break.

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T-shirts, penny boards and spring feelings


I am quite satisfied with this piece. And now with all that done, I am collecting some people willing to buy some t-shirts. I don’t do an online buisness with it, though. I was actually asked by a postdoc in the electrochemistry chair why I don’t do it. He is actually starting some kind of online buisness in the near future with his wife and is bringing some samples to the chair in like 2-3 weeks. Crazy, didn’t expect that at all to be honest. I really hope his buisness will go well. Anyway, I don’t want to start the buisness since it would be too much of a hassle to do that. Sometimes I do see people like Mowtendoo, who sell their t-shirts online but he probably doesn’t have a stock of t-shirts at his home? Who knows. Maybe I will get in touch with something like this if I know more about that.

As I mentioned – I am asking people if they want to a buy a t-shirt of mine and I also let them decide between several designs, like three, haha. The other two I drew in the past in 2016, but I actually printed only the “Popular with chicks” t-shirt. The “Kawaii Moe B-girl” t-shirt was waiting for two years until it gets printed out. Now all of them are getting printed! I can’t wait to wear them, ha.

If you wonder what my latest t-shirt says: It’s meganekko ravua or meganekko lover. Meganekko in Japanese are girls wearing glasses and if you have followed my blog for a while you may notice an abundance of glasses. A t-shirt actually fitting to me.

Now have some very first spring feelings after the break.

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Smooth outlines


I have started to work on my picture on my new laptop and I gotta say I didn’t thought drawing would be so smooth with such a good laptop. Like it feels way different than drawing on my old laptop. Everything is so smooth and it is actually a little bit more enjoyable to draw like that. I wonder how my colouring will go. Speaking of my colouring… I should adopt some new skills in that department, too. I think my coloring is way too simple and it looks weird at some places of my finished drawings, too… With that in regard, I sometimes do wish that I have some sort of classes for drawings especially digital drawing. But with all the kind of classes I’d like to do outside of my chemistry major, I probably won’t do it except for some cases like Japanese and my freestyle acrobatics course. Learning things by yourself not being forced in any way is quite tiresome. And with the workload increasing while getting older, it’s not getting easier. But I already did accept my fate of just improving slowly over time. Maybe in 20 years I will be as good as my favourite artist raemz/Weee. It’s like one of those goals I don’t see myself achieving – for now. Who knows what will happen with my life.I am also getting the shivers when I think about being a PhD student.

Welp – have some non-artist related things after the break.

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Easter and April Fool’s Day


Ay, this year easter happens to be on the very same day like April Fool’s day. And I did nothing on that day – well I will get into this a little bit later. I took a break from my drawings regarding backgrounds and t-shirts and thought it would be nice to sketch for a while again. And it was. I should sketch more often but then again I should also finish a lot more pictures in a not agonizing speed. While drawing I wanted her to grab an egg just for funsies but then I remembered that TENGA (a sex toy manufacturer specifically for male enjoyment) had those TENGA eggs. And yea it did go well with easter obviously. I posted the picture on Twitter and it is now one of my most liked pictures. Mainly because TENGA retweeted and liked it ;u;. I do feel honored, haha. They even follow me now ;u;.



Well, have some boring ass week in the following.

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