Doggy icecream


Cute doggy with glasses eating some water ice. Man… recently my tags are all filled with NSFW and there is no stopping it. Also some comparison with a picture I sketched six years ago:


Time really flies, huh? But while time is rushing so fast nowadays, some things just never change, haha. Oh dear little 16-years-old me. I am still waiting to do a 10 years difference picture with my first attempt to touch the graphic tablet. Nostalgic. Have a look of the full NSFW after the break.

Studying works out just fine at the moment. I really did spend a lot of time studying this last week, but at least I am up to date with another lecture now. My supervisor still hasn’t checked on my report and I will be giving a presentation next week about it. Not that I need the report beforehand, but it still would be nice, since the exams are coming closer and closer to me.

As for my windmill training. It’s going well! I can now do a proper round, but the transition to any other rounds is still hard. Also practicing coin drops now, since I need that for parties… If I ever attend one, haha.


I went for a nice BBQ evening with some friends in the evening. It was pretty chill and I did eat too much meat again. Man I seriously need stop doing that at a BBQ. Instead, I need to bring even more veggies! Veggies on a grill tastes better than expected. Like for realzies man.


My stomache was full with tasty goodness.

I also did visit an old friend of mine I haven’t met for a long while.


She studied with my chemistry for the bachelor and then left it to pursue a career as a journalist. She recently got admitted to a journalist’s school and her boyfriend organized a surprise party. Well, I didn’t make it in time, but at least I WAS there. Unfortunately for her, nobody had the time to visit her, except for me and of course her boyfriend. While her boyfriend slept early (currently he is not at his best), we got to talk about a lot of things. Good thing I met her after that long time.


This weekend I got a day off on Saturday and I pretty much used it for sleeping, studying and of course, drawing. It’s the reason why I finished the picture anyway, haha. Finally got to draw for a longer period of time than 1 hour or less. The day really showed me, that I need more days like these.


Also I need more sleep. I don’t know, everytime I wake up I just don’t feel 100% awake. Even when I am sleeping late. Probably need more days than one, where I can sleep properly.

Talking about work: I met a spider.


Also we did a mistake today by mistaking one topping of a family pizza. She was calling us and wanted a redone pizza. I was like: “Yeah, we could give you a discount on your next order or we can redo your pizza.” She was like “I paid 16€ for the pizza so I want to get the exact pizza I want.”
Sigh. I mean because of one replaced topping. I was telling it would take some time because we are having a rush hour but then she just spouted out we shouldn’t have done a mistake then. People nowadays, seriously. Furtheron, my brother delivered the pizza and she was asking what are we gonna do with the pizza. He told her that we can’t do anything about it but to throw it away. She then was wondering, why because there are people in Africa suffering. Yeah, why you didn’t eat it then? She got some nerves here being picky about onions, instead of having pepper bells. Because of stuff like that, I really despise the Germans for having such picky tastes in overall. Well, we didn’t actually threw the pizza away of course. The cold pizza was served to us and the staff. I am getting the tired of these customer situations, seriously. Today was another situation, which my brother handled very well. He just knows his stuff and is more immersed in the delivery service than I am. I wish I could debate that well. In the end I have to say after three years of working as a telephonist, I really despise engaging my customers. Not always, but very often. But ey as always, for the familia, eh?

My mom did buy orange juice for me. I feel really American now:


Now finally, have your NSFW picture after the break.



Actually a doggy blowjob :^).

Also I got a nice comment on pixiv on this picture.


I don’t get my work commented on very often on pixiv (as you already may know, my reach is never that high), so it feels everytime special when I receive one. Especially on pixiv as a foreigner haha.


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