Relax and studies


Progress is slow because I feel tired all the time. Also a little bit agonizing that I don’t get to draw often as I used to. Recently I have seen some pervy pictures by xxzero and it really wanna makes me draw mad. I will have the time… I will.

Now my supervisor still hasn’t corrected my report, but oh well. It’s not like I’m not busy with stuff etc.

I went to a public swimming pool for the first time after a long while. Also got into a steam bath. It was really relaxing to be in water again. Feeling light laying around in the water. Afterwards, I did something I still regret somehow. I ate a burger in Mc Donalds.


Wasn’t that worth it for 1.20€. But I was really hungy that day, because I barely ate anything. Unfortunately, recently it became a routine, that I don’t eat properly. I feel really bad about it and I am also lazy to change that. Need some healthy greens and fruits again, ha. Well at least in the weekends, I get some very tasty food!

On other news, my good friend did collect a ton of deposit bottles and we did some nifty pictures with it.

It also was my first time I had a cucumber in my pants. Ha. In total we collected 464 bottles worth of 116€. Oh geez. It was a little bit embarrasing to hand over the bottles to the store. They had a maschine for this purpose and we blocked it for quite some time. Some people even asked, if we were poor. Oh dear. Not with this style.

Money in the bank.

I also made a special person worry very much about me. I feel really guilty about it, since I got really emotional in an exaggerated way. I guess these days do happen from time to time, especially when university and work is life.


But hopefully, my efforts and sweat in university are not in vain. Well I can still start out as a hentai artist. Ha.


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