Working on some doggy BJ


Really having some fun on this one.

So basically I am still not done with my report for my research internship. It really lasts a long time, huh? it’s been like two months. My supervisor is currently correcting it and I really hope he doesn’t destroy it too hard. Meanwhile, I have been studying some of my lectures and I guess I will manage somehow.
Sigh… today a friend of mine also asked me to hand over my summary that I am currently working on. It’s not like I am not OK with it, but it sounds really exploitative from him. He has been doing it for years and it really gets on my nerves. I also would like to do any other stuff but I have to squeeze the time to get some work done for the lectures. I mean as you can see, I am barely drawing. To be honest, though, I really do not know if he studies or not in the background. Still, he has this kind of vibe that he wants to have everything. Sigh. Well he is giving me some stuff for another lecture that I really can’t visit, so it’s a good trade off. Unfortunately, his written notes are not meeting my standards. Well I am trying to be nice to everyone here but at some point I feel really exploited at the end. I could tell about some cases, but let’s just don’t do it here, shall we?

At the delivery service, I noticed that bucket, where we are growing some spices or herbs? It looked really cool dozing off, so I took a picture of it:


It has already been three years since the delivery service opened for the very first time. My life has been busy for so long, huh? Oh well….

In my acrobatics course, there were so few people that the whole group decided to work stuff on their own, so I decided to do some frontflips and trying to figure out how the windmill move works best for me. I was really exhausted at the end, because the windmill really drains my power really fast. Well, it is a really hard move after all. I do have a video of me trying to get it done, but wordpress doesn’t allow me to upload videos. Ha. Well I failed anyway.

Afterwards I visited the Summer Tollwood festival 2017, which is taking place at this very moment. It is festival to remind everyone to go veggie and being more careful and thoughtful about our environment. There are many foodstalls, which are only cooking with organic food and many other stores, who are selling clothes and other stuff often with the fairtrade mark. Basically everything goodie and beauty.

Because everything is fair, everything is also expensive. Me and a friend only bought food. Well, she did buy some postcards as presents. She even gifted me a handmade crab made out of pure sugar and a cute note for me!

She did warn me, that the crab probably doesn’t taste that good. Expected from only sugar. The note was a drawing of me! Really cutie and beauty for the first time of hers. Well I don’t have hair this long at the moment haha:


I haven’t gotten a present handmade like this a long time ago. I feel really happy about it.

Today I watched the last episode of Little Witch Academia. It was a gorgeous ending for a really cute and beautiful anime.


Heck, Trigger, it took two short movies and anime to get this ending. As always, Trigger just knows how to animate stuff. Especially the ending gave me the goose bumps all over my body. While watching it, Akko has never let go of her dream and it is really giving me some thoughts. Like she was so inspired by Chariot and kept on believing in herself and magic.


I wonder what would have happened, if I did the same thing with my art. I guess I will never know, huh? But I really felt like it while watching it. Oh well, life isn’t just like an anime….


There were basically the two characters, who were bound by their family traditions to not directly chase their dreams. Getting the feels there, man. Even though, I guess it’s the best not going down the artist route, eh? I mean, if I would have the passion and the conviction, I wouldn’t have studied chemistry, eh? But hey, I am still at a pretty young age of being an adult. Maybe someday, I get a good foothold to do these kind of things. If I ever do have kids, I hope I earn enough money, to let them pursue these kind of things…

Or maybe at least supporting them, ha. The story of a chemistry dad, who secretly draws pervert things, sounds funny, eh? Until I reach this, I guess I will fall into this neverending spiral of drawing less and less. To be honest, I am kind of scared becoming a PhD student because of that. No time for everything… oh dear.



Love isn’t in my favor the recent years. But I’ll manage.



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