I miss my old manga workshop


Some naughty NSFW after the break.

So I had my meeting with my Professor this week, talking about my current results of my measurements, and I have to say I had several mistakes in my slides. But eh, whatever. It was OK in the end. Didn’t get to eat so many sweets this time around. With this wrapped up, I can finally work on my correction of my research report. Really hope it doesn’t consume so much time. It’s already half of the semester and I didn’t get to study much at the moment. Sigh…. It’s also worrying that I have two exams in one day… Probably will be ditching one? I never ditched one… And I would like to keep at it. I guess the upcoming weeks I gotta buckle up my studying.

This week in my freestyle acrobatics course I learned how to do a tornado kick. It looks really cool and at least one thing I can do kind of decent. I don’t know if it looks cool, though.

In the weekend, I went with my family to a birthday party. Once for a while, we closed down our store to have some fun with other vietnamese families. Have a pic of delicious food and from me, my brother and my dearest mother.

It was the 18’s birthday of a friend of mine, who breakdances. Of course, all other breakdancers I used to meet up frequently at the youth center showed up, too. We did get to talk a lot about the old times and some other stuff. Like how the youth center is doing. Apparently it’s not the crowded place as it used be anymore. More and more of us old guys are leaving the center, while fewer and fewer youngins are coming in. It’s sad really. I meet up with my artist friend from back then and it was really cool to talk to him again. But we didn’t get to talk about much because I had to leave rather soon, because I had to work the next day. I also got talk with some friend, who is now visiting the current manga workshop, which takes place in the youth center. He is really proud of me establishing the workshop back then in 2013, because he is really enjoying to have the course. For him, it’s not only about drawing, but also about socializing with some other guys and gals who like anime and manga in general. I despised it back then. When it wasn’t purely about drawing but also talking about anime and manga stuff. But I guess times are changing and when it’s done while drawing I can get over it. Maybe I am growing old and lazy, haha. It also was the first time, when somebody came up to me and was like: “Hey, you are an amazing guy for doing this and that!” I feel really honored and a part of me is of course sad, that I am not leading the workshop anymore. I have been thinking about doing something similiar in my university town Munich. But as work is not coming off my shoulders, I guess I won’t be doing it for a while. Sigh. At least the current workshop is placed in good hands the past years by a good fellow Xunq. Sadly enough, I heard he is dealing with university stuff and doesn’t draw as much as he used to. Oh no.

Here is a promotional picture for my manga workshop back in 2013.


Speaking of getting cute and affirming words from the lovely people of this planet, I received this message at my tumblr account.


For once, this weekend I felt really happy about those after drawing for so long. Makes me wanna keep on doing my art. Like really ditching everything else I have to deal with at the moment.

Now have some NSFW after the break.


Also have some picture of a really cute girl:


I really enjoy spending time with her. Ha.


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