Fridays are the best


Trying to draw more lewds again to get back on track.

I got my report back from my supervisor and he really destroyed it. Like I don’t want to do much work for just 6 ECTS points for my Masters but well… He really wants me to write a little bit more than a report. Like a paper more to say. Sigh ~
I didn’t start to correct my mistakes and so on so it’ll take a while I guess. I hope it doesn’t go for too long, since I have to prepare for my exams. The sooner the better, eh?

Friday was a really cool day, like all recent Fridays. They are just the best.
This time around I watched “Koe no Katachi” – Kyoto Animation’s new movie. I have already read the manga and they just did a great job there. They skipped a few parts, but it wasn’t bad at all, overall. I could be nitpicky about some things, since I have read the manga, but it’s just great as it is.


Nishimiya’s voice is just the cutest.

I spend some quality time with a friend of mine and I even spent the night over my friend’s house. Ugh. I barely caught any sleep and the following day was kind of worse in it’s own way, but at least I did make some enjoyable memories, heh. I got picked up by my brother and I was barely awake in the car. Arriving at the delivery service, I thought we would unpack all the things we bought for the store and then immediately go straight home. Well. I didn’t know my brother ordered something to fix the pizza oven. I helped him, but I was really tired then. Nothing special, we only replaced something inside the oven. But since the electronics were kind of cramped inside this oven, it took a while.

I didn’t intend to drive home for work. I was supposed to have a day off, but a driver couldn’t come, so I was the backup if anything happens. Fortunately, it wasn’t a busy day so they actually didn’t call me in for work. I was really tired and I fell asleep very easily. I woke up 30 min after the store opened and I at least wanted to work something for uni or something. I wanted to nap just for a little while longer and I ended up sleeping until 21:20. I got some calls from my brother but luckily they weren’t work related or very urgent. I still got some work for uni done then, but it wasn’t really much. Most of the work I did the day after, haha.

I also had some time to work on the flyers I am supposed to do for the family.


I thought I would be done with it. But looking at it again, I didn’t change much compared to the last one.


My brother was OK with it, but then we talked about how I was not satisfied with it, since I wanted to do a complete overhaul of the flyer. We decided to give it some more time and it doesn’t has to be completed in a rush, like it was intended to.

Also I got finally accepted for an outgoing semster in Nagoya University! Really looking forward to it ;u;
I wish someone would completely organize my outgoing semester stuff….. haha. I really want to laze around.

You see I will be busy for a while, as always.
Just hope to sneak in some quality drawing time. Guess I gotta do my best.



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