A fine day in Salzyburger


Also I am finally done with this picture for the delivery service. Promotional work, ha! I still have to design the flyers, though. Oh dear.

Before I go on to babble about Salzburg, let me talk about the stuff I have to do because of real adult buisness.
So at the moment I have some stuff to do because of some scholarship and buisness to deal with the state support for my upcoming outgoing semester in Japan. It’s not that of a big deal, but still gives me a little bit of headaches. Especially the scholarship, because they don’t specifically state how I should prove some stuff. But I guess I only have to collect some data and then I’m good to go. I really hope I get it, because they money is reallyyyyy good. For the state support …. I still have to send some stuff in, but it should be also be fine. They just thought, that I am studying “International Management” in some other university. Where is that information coming from? I am really wondering.
In addition I really have to think about my current flat. I had some talk with my dad and in the end, it would be the best to just quit the contract? I really don’t know at the moment. But I kind of guessing that would be the best? Do I really find something cheaper than that? I am talking about Munich here. My current flat also has some balcony, that I rarely use, increasing my rent. There are some other flats in the building, where you don’t have a balcony…. That would be the best. I guess it would be rather easy to get in there again, after quitting the contract because I do now know their contact data now.
To be honest, when it comes to flats and rents and stuff I am really not the adult for it. Makes me worry a lot …. haha.
Another option is to sublease my flat. I already got the permission to do so but when I get all my stuff in my flat, I guess it would be the best to aim for some flats in the same building where the rent is lower…. sigh…

I really don’t like to do adulty stuff. All I want to do is drawing stuff and cuddling. But because of adult life, it gets neglected pretty harshly the recent months.

As I am writing this at about 1 am, I came home from my work at the delivery service. It was by far one of the busiest days I have faced for a long time. Only having five drivers at my disposal and an unforgiveable barrage of calls, internet orders and customers at my front door really gave me the headaches, the bad ones. I was the lone telephonist but I sure did a great work I have to say. Even though, not everything went perfect of course (like deliveries for 2 hours, oh dear I am still sorry) we still managed. The whole team was exhausted after the work.
I really hate to work at Sundays like these, but they are giving the whole family more money. I guess I still have to suffice, eh?
While working, there were some really bad times, but then I thought about the fun memories I had some days before work.

And that’s Salzburg.


I went to Salzburg with a friend of mine. A really cute one, too! It was a very sunny day so all I did was wandering around and sweating my ass off. Like buckets of them. My friend did too. It was a really sticky at the end.
Salzburg itself is really beautiful. To be more precise the stuff around the town. The layout of the town though was really cool, having a lot of small alleyways, even though most of them were filled with tourists, haha. Everywhere you could see stuff about Mozart in any way possible. Also it was my first time to eat a Mozartkugel. It was really tasty despite it had some marizpan (really hate those, but maybe my taste is changing). The town itself, as I said, wasn’t really that spectacular for some reason. Maybe I am being all sassy, but the surroundings really made it for the town. There are two mountains, one of them is the Kapuzinerberg, probably famous for having christians in it and the other one, which is probably more well known, has Salzburg’s fortress. We went to both of them and the wandering was really cool, especially at the Kapuzinerberg. It was more nature-bound than the other one of course, since the fortress is more tourist driven. We even acidentally went right into a building site. But lucky enough, no one was there haha. We also did see more animals at the Kapuzinerberg, like little mouses and some squirrels running around. We also had a nice overview of the town by walking up those two mountains, getting some nice few shots. Because the town itself is near the alps, you could see them too!
At the time we were in Salzburg, the christian’s Pentecost was going on all around the town. It was some kind of event especially targeted for young christians. They were having workshops of some kind (like probably how to be a good human overall and stuff like that) and there was even a 24/7 praying session. A 24/7 praying session! Now that’s new in my head. It didn’t bothered me in general, in fact it was really cool that young people would visit something like that, despite going there for religion or not. Trying to be a good human is always nice, eh? A good friend of mine was attending there, and we were supposed to meet up somehow. Unfortunately we didn’t meet up and we should’ve planned this ahead sooner. Probably we just grazed each other haha.

Have a whole bunch of pictures:



As I said I went with a friend of mine to Salzburg. She really is the cutest and I really like to spend time with her. Have some backshots of her.

I have to say, these are some really fine pictures. I wish I would have took some more time to perfect those, But EEEEEY. I am a digital artists who draws girls, and not taking pictures of them. I always think, because I don’t have a professional camera (or a least a decent one) I don’t have to bother taking really professional like pictures. Buying one? Nah, I don’t feel like it to be honest. My phone camera is enough for those little snippet shots, ha.

And also some dumb ones I made with her:

Cuddling with her is the best. You should try it, too. Haha



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