My research internship supposed to have started long time ago


It feels kinda rushed the picture…. Maybe because I’m eager to draw the next piece. For a change of pace, it’s not NSFW. It’ll be fanart of Tamako from “Tamako Market”. Can’t wait, really.

The last weekend I went to a silver wedding. It was kept really private, just with a few other close families and we were also invited.


It was a relaxed and chilled evening with the others. And if you wonder who I am from this bunch of asians:


Looking all sexy and stuff. Haha.

In my work at the delivery service I also saw a moth chilling at my place:


Of course, I didn’t kill it. Just brought it outside again.

So this week I supposed to do some serious work for my research internship, but oh well. The place where I am supposed to be is closed down at the moment. In total for almost 3 weeks now. And I thought the issues will be solved by then, but oh no…. It really makes me worry. The funny thing is, the building had its issues back then with the constructions. Stupid mistakes were made, they are basically countless. Sigh… I really need to do my work, though…. It really shifts my plan backwards if this keeps going on.

I am also worrying about my future as an amateur artist, as always. There are just times, where I don’t feel confident with my work, like with the on above at the very moment… But I am doing some improvements, even when they are very small. Another issue is my work-life-balance. No time for drawing, more time for working. Oh dear.
It’s a wonder that I didn’t break the past recent years. I guess I’m just sturdy as a rock! But I do also need the support from my friends and family ;u;

I really want to earn some money now… like have a proper job as a chemist of some sort anywhere ~ I have to wait until then… because I gotta get my PhD. I wonder how it feels to be completely independent…. Being an adult is scary, huh?



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