Two exams are missing


My panties aren’t, though.
Yea this week I have 2 exams and then it’s all over. So no exams but I’m still doing courses and later on a research internship instead of having some vacations.

I still have to organize a lot of stuff, since I want to do an outgoing semester in Japan. So much stuff and I am mostly worried about my flat. I’m not really used to this moving thing and stuff so it worries me a lot.
I’m also actually a very bad driver, except when it’s an automatic geared car. But anybody can drive automatic, eh.
My brother always says it’s like riding a bicycle but I’ll doubt that. Still it’ll take some time until I get there.

I watched some videos from Kizuna Ai and I immediately fell in love with the channel.


She is just the cutest. Sad, that I don’t have much time atm to watch her videos haha.

Recently I have been thinking about giving up drawing as a whole. But that I was like NAH. I mean it’s literally a part of me. But the deeper I go on with my studies, the more frustrating I get about a lot of things. Oh well….



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