A good and a bad exam


This week I had two exams. And one of them turned out so bad, that I am actually quite mad about it.

So first off, I had “Symmetry and Group Theory”, which was an oral exam. It went quite well and I actually aced it with the best possible grade. I didn’t even thought I would see that in my Master’s courses ever again.

With good motivation after such an excellent grade. The motivation kind of plummeted into a deep hole after what happened today.

Today I had the exam “Industrial Chemical Processes I”. At first glance, it doesn’t sound too hard. Actually, there were plenty of old exams and for 2005 – 2016 the questions weren’t changed except for few minor things.
This time around, everything changed. And it was changed so drastically, that for most things, I didn’t know the answer for. It’s not like I totally wrecked my exam, but it’s kind of about to. I’m very upset.

I’ve been thinking about drawing this girl above. Supposed to be a “dick hunter” but oh well.
I’m not in the mood for drawing right now haha. Also I’m still in exam hell. About 50% done….


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