Advent calendar 13-18/2016

Drawing these everyday is really getting on my nerves. Like some kind of obligation I have to fulfill. Fortunately I’m not doing anything with drawing in my carreer path haha. Probably it just feels that way, because I have a ton of other stuff to do.

Also we are not far away from the 24th December and in Germany, there is still no snow roaming around everywhere. I also don’t feel very festive about christmas, but the advent calendar is at least something to keep up the good christmas spirits.

On other news, most of my vaccines are due and it’s time to refresh them. Especially if I intend to go to Japan for 6 months. Yea! I got accepted for the TUMexchange programme to go Nagoya! Well… I still have to apply for the Nagoya university itself, so it’s not 100% sure. But I’m sure that I will be accepted there, too.


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