I’m a sad doggy.

Right now I’m writing this from the depths of the chair for electrochemistry. Because I have some measurements and they are not done yet. Oh boy. I’m already exceeding my contractual¬†10h/week work by far in one day. But it’s alrighty by me because then I don’t have to work as much later on. I do hope so.

My father is also regenerating just nicely and should be standing in some days. Good for him! It still bothers me, that he wants to resume to work as soon as possible rather than giving himself this week off. The delivery service itself is rather empty, but that will change in a few days as it seems…


Last weekend I spent the time mostly at home with my family and visiting my father and some relatives. We also did clean up the delivery service for the upcoming reopening, ha.

Oh, I also went off with some friends to hit a running sushi place.


It’s my second time and I will always adore sushi. This week I also do meet up with another friend to eat a running sushi place again. Yayies.

Also no drawan the past few days ;u;


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