a week full of effort results a decent grade i guess


Here is a WIP of something I am drawing. Ha. Exams are coming up and I’m trying to keep up with everything in my life.

Today I had an oral exam in organic chemistry. I was studying for it like:

But oh dear it was all for nothing. Weird enough, eh? What happened then?
I was studying for about a week. For my bad luck, I was very nervous and he asked me some stuff which was really outside of the things I was capable of. Bad luck it seems. It wasn’t a total disaster though. I could answer a good amount of answers but oh dear.
In the end I did get a decent grade and I am just happy to have passed the exam.
Sometimes you gotta have some bad days, eh?

On other news: I had cheese fondue recently! Even though me and my friend don’t possess a fondue set we did it anyways. The cheese wasn’t fluid and was getting viscous fast. It was still ok haha.



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