happy new year 2016


Here is a WIP because Fallout 4 is consuming my life atm. I have exams soon….

For the first time, I spent New Year’s Eve with a bunch of friends. Even though I have been living on my own for 2 years in my university town, I’m still not used in parties and especially alcohol and friends. I wasn’t drinking though cause I had to drive home on the same evening but even then I wouldn’t drink it. Drinking alcohol is for the most part just plain dumb. People changed around me though. Everyone in parties about drinking and smoking. Oh geee. There were often times I didn’t feel really comfortable. In general it was still a fun evening.

Also in time for the 31th Dec 2015 I received my christmas gift from panties!

I asked for Kumiko from Hibike Euphonium!
Panties always wraps his gifts in a funny way and I like it.


This sticker-thingy always holds a special place on my laptop now.


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