painting with water colors


Painting with water colors was fun! I did with some friend of mine. It was a lovely evening again but it was kinda lazy. I wished we did kinda more but then again: It’s Sunday = Lazy day haha.


This week my practical course for synthesizing stuff is over and I have to say I really hated it to the bones. It was very stressful and I was on the verge of giving everything up. I’m just happy it ended. I wonder how my grades are…. I guess they are mediocre.
On other news another practical course in the field of technical chemistry is about to start. It’s not as hellish as my last one, cause I only have to attend once a week ;u;

With this week is coming to an end, the weekend was overall fun. Beside the painting I went with some colleagues to a festival. They were many food booths and a marketplace where they did sell more or less interesting stuff. At last I have a little time to chill at the end of the year. Even if it’s very small.


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