Idol May WIP


It’s Idol May! I am really kinda excited for the new pokemon game!

Woop I am back here in WordPress.
MedicalTequila is about to close down and I don’t have the time to contribute something, which is very sad šŸ˜¦
I have been there for almost 2 years now and it’s blargh, that it has to close down.

In other news: I have been working a lot lately. My family opened a delivery service (asian food and weirdly enough also pizzas and burgers and stuff). So of course I’m gonna help out, but I also have another job in a factory for the summer vacation. Times are rough and I don’t really have enough time for drawan. It’s very sad because the next 2 semesters in university I gonna spend without any breaks, due to courses in the vacations (who has courses in university in the vacations). I hope I have any time for drawan. It’s kinda depressing to see that I have been drawing less lately. But never gonna give up drawan… I hope so ~
Life is very scaaarrrwyyy ~


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