So yea I have been drawan from time to time ~ Trying to drawan everyday but I don’t think I will have the time to finished stuff again. Except for my vacations of course, but even then I don’t really feel like do finished stuff. Maybe because I study chemistry oh shieet ~

Even though I am studying something with science, I won’t stop drawan! Because drawan is so much fun when I’m just sketching around haha. Like it’s just ok for me now only doing sketchus but I should do some finished work… I know I should have to but I turned to a very lazy artist when it comes to finished work oh well.

I haven’t touched my graphic tablet for a very long while … Oh oh…. It’s also because of university. Like I don’t have much time left for drawan, so I am just carrying my sketchbook everywhere around. Also I don’t really feel comfortable to work on my graphic tablet on a laptop. But that shouldn’t be a big problem.
Still I prefer to work on my PC when I have the opportunity.

Also sketching in a very boring lecture is so much fun hehe. Sometimes I am thinking I am just in the wrong subject. Like I am the only one drawan almost everyday in my subject. That’s kinda sad, because I used to draw so much with my friends back then and now I am kinda alone drawan. You know drawan with other peeps in this world is so much fun and I mean not pchat or something. Like really meeting up with the people and just drawan for a short while. Losing all worries and stuff and just drawan! Reminds me that I have never been to a convention…

Drawan everyday… To try drawan everyday is so hard. Like I should be studying and as university goes, you are never gonna finish your studying in rest of your life cause there is so much to learn and to revise. Sounds like a very busy schedule, but 1 hour or more should be no problem for drawan, am I right? haha.
But do I improve when I have so less time for drawan? I guess I do, but it’s really slow and I don’t have really much time to really think about that. Like I just wanna sketch something small, colour it so it looks a little bit nicer and that’s it. Like studying anatomy and stuff ( I don’t really do that, so why should I do it now?) I don’t do that. Not even before university. Maybe I should….

But you know ~ I am really lazy when it comes to this… That’s why I picked up Art Academy for the DS to kinda counter my laziness haha. Maybe I can learn many new things on this little cartridge. Oh well. I wonder why I didn’t and still don’t have the ambition big enough, to really sit down and study anatomy or stuff. But oh well ~ so lazy ~. Like the only thing I do is kinda look up to my fav artist and see how they do it. Like mostly anatomy but also colouring ( I really suck). I have been drawan for 4 years now, dayum. But I’m taking it nice and slowy. No need to be so good, but I sure do want to be good haha.

So that’s what has been happening with my life pretty much. Just wanted to update ~
I don’t really post here much. But I am always thinking about posting something but in the end I don’t do, because I have MedicalTequila you know?
Also I created a Facebook page if you care to follow:

Sometimes I wonder who is reading this ~


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