My first take on figure drawing


I have been drawing for years now and I haven’t done figure drawing, up until now. Embarassing, eh? Yea, I suck really bad. But It was a nice change of pace to do this. Unfortunately, I didn’t do them as much as I wanted the past two weeks. Y’know – exams closing in and stuff like that. All the figure references I got from The first picture I tried to do one pose per minute, since I got the feeling I would be good enough to pull it out. Yea, it didn’t work at all. I was to focused on doing my traditional body structuring which is quite slow and not effective. I got too focused on drawing the details and forgot to use just simple forms. One minutes is not a long time doing this. I felt under pressure all the time doing this – felt quite like an exam. My second attempt was more forgiving, since I set the timer to 5 minute per pose. I got a little bit more time to figure out the pose and I tried to apply simple forms to form the body. It worked quite well and I remembered the three-dango-technique for the torso.

I also worked on two sketches:


The t-shirt of one girl should be the same on as the open-air pool episode of Hibike Euphonium Season 2:

Bildergebnis für hibike euphonium t-shirt

I noticed after finishing the picture, that I screwed up the colors of the shirt. Ay.

Recently, I don’t feel like drawing. Especially for a full fledged picture. It feels like I lost my passion for drawing, quite honestly. Maybe it’s just a phase at the moment – probably because of the exams.

Have some bla bla after the break.

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A lot of stuff happening in university


Yea, one of those rare pieces, where two characters are in one picture. Usually I do have my problems to size them properly, but this time it turned out pretty ok! Also because of the fact that I am drawing on PC so I can just resize everything, but ayyy.

I haven’t been drawing a lot lately, but I do have plans to make a proper finished picture soon. Something with crabs and such sort. I do feel more comfortable to draw at the moment, because of those sketches – really helped out.  I may be interrupted, though, by the Steam Summersale. I did buy Witcher 3 and also all Metal Slug games available at Steam to play with a friend of mine. I also got the free starter edition of For Honor, which was distributed for free, online at the times of this year’s E3. Oh well – games just don’t take any effort compared to drawing, eh?

Also exams are coming closer and closer, so I should slowly raise my learning pace to maximum, soon.

Have some other stuff happening at my university after the break.

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I don’t wanna do backgrounds anymore.


Ooooooooof. I am getting less and less motivated for this piece and I don’t really want to finish it anymore. I wonder if will ever finish my project “Lonely Roads” then. Probably not – and with that said it also highly probable that I don’t do as much as for my New Year’s Resolution as I intended to. I am just tired of many things and drawing environmental backgrounds don’t really help me out at the moment. So I started to do sketches and small drawing instead of being fixated to this one huge piece. And I feel a lot better now.

Further on I actually have redrawn one of my pictures back in my days as a member of the school paper:


An OC so to say. Geee.

Anyway, it will take some time before I will finish any kind of picture again – I just want to sketch for now.

Welp, have some things about my life after the break.

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Unmotivated days and some time off in Freiburg


Ayyy, finally drawing some beach scene for “Lonely Roads”. But it will probably take forever to finish. Maybe I should sketch some things in between to keep my sanity. I should probably spend more time in drawing rather than playing Maplestory and procrastinating in general. I do consider myself lucky, that I don’t have so much stuff to do this semester compared to the other. On the other hand, I don’t really like to force myself to draw and should just do it when I feel like it…At the moment I feel like I should take a little break from drawing…
Well I was feeling that, but the root of all this problem was Maplestory. Procrastination at its worst. I dumped down several hours in that game and then a few days ago it made click in my brain. I had to delete this game to keep productivity up again – especially since exams are coming closer and closer. So I hope I get a little bit more productive again.

Also it would be reallly nice if I could draw a nice female body and such sort. After all those years I don’t feel like I draw beautiful female bodies. Why wondering now? Well I do see too many good artists in twitter… Oh.
Speaking of twitter – I recently discovered もにお and I was like oh nice art. But then I saw he has a youtube channel and he also actually streams his art. I was like OK that’s another buisness. I was streaming in the past for several times just for fun  and definetly not with a mic, wondering what I even should talk about. But maybe I should do it streaming regularly? And also like kind of studying art? Like yknow – freaking B-Flat. If I had more time and a friend willing to do the art studying with me like the duo at B-Flat (unforunately they are down), that would be awesome. It would probably be the best in twitch – since they do have a creative corner there. But with my upcoming plans for my future such as my Master’s thesis and the PhD position I have in mind – good bye sweet dreams.

Welp, have some real life experiences of the last three weeks after the break.

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Snowy sunset and the return of Maplestory


I finally finished this piece and it looks a little bit out of place. I am still satisfied with it, though. You see – the background and the character doesn’t really blend well together, so it gives a weird vibe. Clean outlines and coloring versus a messy background. Weird, eh?

I can finally move on with my next piece and therefore with my next background – something summer beachy! Finally it’s time to draw some summer-related clothing.

Have some feels after the break.

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I am not a good artist and some other stuff


Yea, I was still not satisfied with how I do outlines in general and I was looking online for outlines again, since I did the same for the brush settings on Paint Tool SAI. In the end, I just turned to the tutorial given by the Clip Studio Paint themselves (or let’s say, it was made by Hiroki Haruse). The artist there has a ‘minor’ different setting for the G-pen compared to the default setting but it made all the difference. Even though, I am quite satisfied with the current setting by Hiroki, generally I would like to make outlines like ge-b or Pas as you can see in the following:

ge-b has a seemingly messy kind of style of doing outlines, but it turn out really ok at the end and I guess you probably don’t notice it when you are zoming out of the drawing. It’s like a combination of a sketchy and finished drawing outline kind of thing. On the other hand, Pas has a very clean way of doing outlines and also has varying outline thickness. I don’t do that at all, but I should. With that said – I somehow can’t see myself doing it with the current G-pen settings. I know that I could set my brushes by myself – but how can I do that if I don’t even know what kind of brush I am looking for. There are all those settings, but I don’t know how it affects my the brush I am using. It seems a little bit selfish to ask artists for their brush settings … I mean they were setting them by themselves, too (or at least I am assuming that they did).

Speaking of fashion and color combinations of clothing – I suck really bad and I do consider it to be my next new year’s resolution. I never was the type of guy of drawing fashionable clothes at all if you follow me long enough. Basically, all of my gurls you see on the blog has a very simple approach to clothing – uniform color, nothing fancy, looks pretty basic and simple, lacks depth. Things like that. And you know – you are what you wear. Clothes in general has a great impact on pictures (or the kind of pictures I try to draw) as they have a great impact on people. It’s just pleasant to see people wearing nice clothes, eh? With that said – I don’t know which kind of color pattern the girl I am working on should wear. Artists often have their favorite color patterns and care a lot about them. It’s true that they should – you want to make your picture good looking. I didn’t really care about that, to be honest and it is really urgent that I should now. I often think about if things would be different, if I would be born as a girl. Fashion and color patterns I often consider as ‘girly’ and not something boys think about a lot. Why should they – most of them don’t really care about that anyway. Of course it is completely wrong and biased to say it like that – with a driving interest to that topic, effort and time – anybody can be an expert in anything, including fashion and color sense. The kind of effort I am probably too lazy to put effort in. I am just too lazy to read about those theoretical color pattern theory and such.

Speaking of an other topic about art. I have been watching the art life of two artists the other day – Temmie Chang (worked on Undertale) and Satchely (worked on Doki Doki Literature Club). It’s really inspiring to watch the both videos and how their art life worked out. Seeing stuff like that always makes me wonder if I can make it in the relentless world of being an artist. Especially the story about Temmie and her conflict between doing anime/manga art vs traditional art in college still really intimidates me. I know that it’s the best for an artist to also do a fair share in traditional art as conceived by most art professors and teachers. But as I am currently, I would be willing to do some things – but then again – only some. I still prefer to work on things I would like to work on rather than being assigned to draw something. With that said, my passion is just not high enough to put more effort into reading art books and stuff like that. But at least I am realizing, that I can’t move on faster without studying a little bit and I am actually trying to implement that right now in a different way. As in – watching how certain people draw and actually googling how to do things.
I am also always wondering how my life would turn out to be, if I did go for a different route. But you can’t reverse time, eh.

With all of this art talk – have some RL things after the break.

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Snowy backgrounds in spring


I started my last picture from scratch and looked up for reference and people who paint good, e.g. jjcanvas and a little bit of Bob Ross and look at that! I am quite satisfied with the background, but it still looks kind of messy. Maybe the messy style adds up for some A E S T H E T I C S. Oh well.

I also started to add a character to the background now and I kind of noticed that I should be drawing my backgrounds with a little bit more care. Especially Bob Ross didn’t draw any characters on his scenery paintings so he didn’t had to deal with this kind of headache I suppose (except for his beloved cabins). I ended up adding the character at the front of the picture rather than somewhere in the middle since I didn’t had any grid or something planned before and therefore it is harder to add any kind of character inside the scenery. Welp, I guess something has to give in, eh? But I guess it is fine how it looks right now, except for the fact that an anime character is being placed on top of a painty background.


Have some other stuff after the break.

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