The first week in Japan

Obviously no picture drawn, because I am in full vacation mode with my brother and his gf before hitting off the drawing route in Nagoya University and stop being an tourist.

It’s too much, so you can read it after the break!

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One day before take off to Japan


Drawing something before I post something without a drawing of mine. It’s supposed to be Palla from the Fire Emblem series but eh.

Speaking of Fire Emblem, I have started to play FE:H again and I gotta say, it lets me pass the time at work faster, oh jolly. I haven’t played the game for roughly 5-6 months and they added so much stuff like skill inheritance and stuff. Also of course new female characters :^). Beautifully drawn waifus all over the place, eh?

So the validation machine for my student card worked again. One excuse to visit my friends again. Nice times, we went for a BBQ again haha.

We also played “Secret Hitler” and let me just say to you: I don’t really like that game, because there is a whole lot of scheming and deceiving and you do that in a team that you don’t actually knowww…. a lot of stuff happening I am really bad at.


A game that somehow kicks everyone in the butt, but I still had my fun in the game.

The past remaining days before my flight I all spent with organizing stuff for my departure and my luggages and also doing other stuff besides work. So for example I removed the tartar from my teeth! Since I didn’t do it last year and the dentists were pressing me on, I did it in the end haha. I did plan it anyway, but because of work and university and all kinds of stuffs, yea the usual excuses, I guess. Half of the cost is covered by my health insurance (yay) so it didn’t cost too much. With clean teeth I also got a neat winter jacket for my visit in Japan.


As you may noticed, I cut my hair again. Shorty again before I have an awkward moment with the hairdresser in Japan due to my bad Japanese… ha. Speaking of Japanese, I still didn’t study any since my last exam, so I guess I just crank it up in my travel! Oh jolly.

My parents were really happy to hear that I receive a positive reply about my scholarship. I don’t know how much any other scholarships are worth compared to my state driven one, but I guess it’s decent and just a little boost for the following year. It compliments well with my other funding, which is also state driven and focused on students with little to low money. So actually in the end, my parents don’t have to pay for my visit in Japan and I am completly independent (well for the flight it was an other case but yea I guess you know what I mean, let’s just hope Japan doesn’t get too expensive). But let’s just wait for our first actual money flowing in ;u;

On my last day before my departure, I still have to work. It’s a Sunday and you know what that means. Incoming orders from everywhere for 4-5 hours from 5-6 pm onwards. I really hate Sundays and I also feel really bad for my family that I am leaving them for six months since one of the official two telephonist is leaving. Hard times for my family, especially since winter is coming. But they ensured me, that they would handle it ;u;

Actually next week, my parents do have their first weekend, where none of their sons are there, since my brother is joining me for one week. Let’s just hope for them, everything works out.

My dad did cook me some special fried noodles with salmon and I gotta say, much better than with chicken or with beef. Really delicious! (He also done the seasoning in a strange different way… in a positive way!)


Also with a prawn on top ;u;. Oh dear.

Now now, tomorrow my journey finally begins towards Japan. What new and exciting stuff is happening me and how well do I improve my art there? We will see about that.

Let’s just hope North Korea doesn’t do anything ;u;


Arrived at home, I made a picture with my parents:

Gotta miss them.



Moved out


Also working on some gay Pokemon action. When I saw nurse Joy and officer Jenny in Tumblr having a drink together and so on I had to draw them doing gay action.


I mean look at them after having a drink.

Also I haven’t drawn properly for a while and the following weeks I won’t be drawing as much either, since I have kind of stuff to do. Helping my family in work, packing my stuff for Japan and meeting up with some friends before leaving them for 6 months. Oh well. I can just draw all the time in Japan, I hope so.

So I already moved out from my flat in Munich, so I didn’t a proper place to sleep for several days I spent there. I just slept at some friends to survive the days ha.

It was nice living there. I just hope the next time I move in another home/flat I just don’t have so much stuff lying around. Even some stuff lying around is the worst. My room in my hometown is packed with unnecessary things but I didn’t have the time to sort things out since we have a delivery service. Something… I just push to the future, eh?


Oh boy…. Also additionally packed with the stuff from Munich.

Spending time with friends, eating sushi etc. Still feels unreal that I am about to leave.

I also got a neat present from a dear friend of mine!

Lots of crabs. Also a handmade crab plushy! It’s holding chopsticks and a sushi roll…. haha. I always wanted to do these kind of things by myself. Still occupied with drawing though, so maybe when I am growing old and want to do cute stuff.

In the computer room of the chemistry faculty me and my friends always hang up a meme on the whiteboard of the room. On that day, I hung up my last meme on the board before leaving.


Sad times are coming for the chemistry faculty. Or better times. Also my student card is invalid at the moment because of some bullshit.


When I left Munich, I received a mail that the machines are working again. Oh dear. Well I just meet up with my friends again in Munich and while doing so, finally validate my student card then.

While working at the delivery service the past days, it’s getting chilly in Germany. Feeling cold brrr

I looked up for the climate graph of Nagoya and I am just happy that it is warmer than in Germany in general. As I will be flying in one week, weather should still be nice there. Speaking of which, I still have to polish my Japanese a little bit further, but to be honest, I am completly lazy when it comes to that. Guess I should buckle up with the studying again.

An old friend found a drawn comic of mine for the little kids on a open day of my past school. It supposed to be a small english interactive comic and as you can see, it is very crappy. I was like in the 6th or 7th grade? Oh boy.


Just looking at it makes me cringe.

Also feeling a little bit weird the past days, kind of impassive. Hum.

Done with exams, getting ready for Japan


And I am done with lewd things, too!

I really hate to sum up the last weeks, since it was so long ago. One week at a time is really a good pace to keep at it. But you know, exams.

I actually got the result of one of the exams back and I aced that bad boy with full points. Only after two days of hardcore studying. To be honest, it was rather easy and I studied too much for it. You never know, eh? I am still waiting for the rest and I just hope for the best, haha. After the last exam, I felt a little bit uncomfortable. Like nothing to do and my body immediately shut down for several days (like being really tired). I guess all my efforts I put into were coming to me all at once. I did study most of the time in the computer room of the chemistry faculty.

Great times. It is really my favourite room.

I also purchased Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Takes me back to my school times, where I didn’t expect much of the game but then went on playing all games. Fun times, zany characters and in general a really great game/visual novel. I didn’t spend much time on it up until now, but I got through the first turnabout!

Further on I bought Earthbound! I always wanted to play that game, but I guess AA: Dual Destinies comes first.


Now with so much free time, I still have to work (for delivery service and university, still a research assistant!) and have to slowly clear my room, since the wall has to be painted and just to make things easier in general. On top of that, I do spend some time with friends, since I do visit my family for 7-10 days before my flight to Japan. One friend of mine just ditched the last exam to a later date and just didn’t want to. Well, I can’t blame him, because he did receive his parts for his gamer PC in the last exam week. Ever since, I didn’t meet him often until he finally got time for me after his excessive gaming session. Every now and then you need those kind of time offs, eh? Of course I did some gaming with him, but we did play oldschool Nintendo games and Metal Slug 3 (this game is hard as shit). Nice session of chilling, gaming and just talking. I also did spend some time with an other friend of mine, who I met studying Japanese. She is studying IT at the moment but want to change her subject to chemistry. Oh boy. Well I did manage to get some stuff to her, since I am a graduate student now. My efforts to prevent her studying chemistry were in vain, we will see how she will turn out. We also had a nice time together.

It feels unreal that my outgoing semester is that close. My brother once said: “Close your eyes, and in the next moment you already arrived in Japan.” Guess that’s true. I still remember about my first thoughts about a foreign experience and England was the first thing that came to my mind. I was watching Lucky Luke in TV then, haha. England because it would be cheaper I guess. Even though, I still decided for Japan, since I was already studying Japanese and I guess because I would maybe have enough money (?). Yea I get subsidized by the german government and I still wait for my scholarship also from the german government (those two things compliment each other, so I don’t get any cuts). With my work at the university I also should have some money and so on and so on. I also often think about drawing lately (not actually doing it, oh no, but I am done with my lewd drawing!), because I want to focus on my drawings, when I am in Japan. I still have priorize somehow, since I just recently downloaded Macromedia Flash for animating. Illustrating or animating? We will see. It would be funny if I turn out to be like Domics, ha.
Further on, I just can’t wait to meet up with other artists in Nagoya University, since the have their own Manga Club! Argh…. Gotta improve, I am itching! AH!
Speaking of improving, at the last years of school, I really looked up to the guys of Medicalwhiskey (NSFW). One of the former aritsts, Pas, did a study blog for animu art with Shinka, called BFLAT. It ended in 2013, but the site is still good for studies and references. I didn’t get any chances to draw with them or to study for myself these kinds of things so I really do hope I can do that in Japan. I really do. Adult life is so hard, especially when you are not primarly following an artist’s way of life and going for SCIENCE. And while doing both, the artist slowly dies off :(. I really hope I can improve as much as I can in Japan.

An other friend of mine already flew to S.Korea as his outgoing semester. I even downloaded Snapchat, since he posts there pretty often and now of course even more, cuz S.Korea, duh. I guess most of my pics will be ending up here, ha. Still, I don’t really feel ready for Japan. Just dive in, I guess.

Today was the total sun eclipse in the US. I did follow it for a while in the news, and I gotta say. Even though I was initially going in like, eh kind of boring, the view of the eclipse is still stunning, eh? The world is beautiful after all. With the sun eclipse, today is also Kumiko’s birthday.


A reminder, why I want to go to Japan.


Now with all this talk, I guess you now want to look at my lewd drawing, eh?

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Still in my exam phase


Haven’t worked on that since, oh geez. But hey, some outlines.

Before the week went on with 2 exams, I had some time to chill for a little bit. Watched some Pen&Paper (it’s German) with a friend of mine before going for it.


I also worked for the delivery service as always. And hey, we got a chili plant.


I kind of feel bad for the plant, since it is so near to the very hot kitchen. It also gets very oily near the kitchen, my glasses are also getting kind of… hmm dirty? It is kind of hard to clean them, actually. I guess it’s because of the kitchen and the oily atmosphere.

On my way home I met some more pidgies.


And then the studying began. I had two exams this week: Methods of Molecular Simulation and Japanese A1.4. I felt in both cases well prepared and well rounded, so I didn’t have to study soooo intensively. Here a picture of me studying.


Methods of Molecular Simulation was an oral exam so it went down pretty fast in 30 minutes. No sweat, I just couldn’t answer one question perfectly so I didn’t aced it, but I was pretty content with my grade. Same goes to Japanese. I have a good feeling about it, too. If I pass Japanese A1.4 with any grade, I finally have A1 level in Japanese after 1.5 years. Many other languages offered by my university only takes about half a year. Funny, eh. Oh well Japanese has its difficulties, though.

I also went to the “Flaucher“. A very shallow river, but really cool to chill out and do some BBQ. I went with my supervisor and his friends and it was pretty cool.

The only thing bothering us, was that the sun wasn’t out for very long, since we came to the spot like at 7 pm. It even started to rain and thunder down. We didn’t wanted to go, so we just sticked to the place and sheltered ourselves with umbrellas and the blankets we had. It rained for 2-3 hours and we still stayed on the same spot. It was a fun experience, I have to say, but it also was a miracle, that lightning didn’t strike down on us, ha…?


We all came home safely.

The studying didn’t actually stop of course, because I still have exams next week.

While learning, I noticed that Twitch did a collab with Crunchyroll. Like 6 days of anime were streamed, and I have to say I was very amused watching the chat. I wish we had a chat going crazy in everyday life.

I wish it went on for some more days, since I had to study. The chat is just the best. When Twitch did the same thing with Bob Ross, the chat was also very amusing.


God bless.

I received a mail this week about my certificate of eligibility, that I need to do my student visa for my visit in Japan. After two days, I actually received the mail. I feel a little bit bad, that they paid 2200 yen to send it to me as quickly as possible ;u;.


With everything prepared for my visa, I went to the embassy the next day. Leaving the subway station, I thought it would be funny to let my GPS guide me through the jungle of houses via my headphones. It turns out, what worked kind of perfectly fine while in the car, while walking the GPS has some trouble or I am just dumb. Either way, I did get to see some things of Munich.

Finally arrived at the embassy, I had to state my name and my reason for my visit in front of the door. At first, the kind woman said it in Japanese, so of course I couldn’t understand anything. After she said it in German and I was allowed to get in, my bag was checked and I had to go through a metal detector. Safety first, huh? The actual procedure for the student visa went very well and with no problems, also because I prepared it some days before. Now I can pick it up next week and then it is considered another buisness done for my Japan semester.

Speaking of not studying and also not drawing, I also went for a nice walk with one of the most beautiful woman alive.


A shame I am not together with her. She really is the cutest.

Oh well, here is a picture of mushrooms run over by little ants.


I still have exams to go, and they are not that easy this time. Well I hope I will manage! Until then, I guess I am still not drawan. But not for long ;u;

Once again, exams are starting again


I don’t want to study. I just want to draw cutie girls being satisfied.

Nothing special happened this week. Just studying for exams and trying to tidy up my stuff and my appartment because I have to soon move out (’s like in 1 month but you gotta PREPARE). Also have to give some stuff to my mate, like my TV, oven, ricecooker and stuff, since my family won’t use it while I’m in Japan then. Also I hopefully will move back to an appartment near him. Would make things easier, ey….

Also I received some delicious nutritions from friends:

At work, I got a visit from two buggies:

Hanging there, just chillin.

Also arranged myself a credit card and an insurance for my stay in Japan. I am not getting too excited for Japan, though, since I gotta prepare for exams and have some other buisness and duties to deal with. But sometimes I daydream about my stay, haha. My blog will be more lively then.

Well as my exams are actually starting next week, don’t expect much from me, eh?

Sundays are always the worst day in the week


I am now working on something lewd again as always, but I can’t decide how her hair should look like. Meanwhile, I looked up pictures from Naoki Saito and it really makes me wanna improve myself faster now. But eh, now with the exams coming closer, I guess I won’t be drawing much.

So, I had my presentation this week about my research topic and it went well except for the questions at the end. But oh dear, PhD students always ask these hard questions…. But I am just happy that it is finally over. I still have to correct my report for it, but I am basically done. Talking about exams and stuff, I already wrote my first exams this semester and we’ll see what results are coming in, ha. I couldn’t answer one question, but it was just one out of 18 or 19 questions, so not a big deal I suppose.

Oh, I can finally do windmills now (even if it is only one round):

Oh hey it’s-a-me!

I also finally finished Fire Emblem Echoes:

Sad for Faye, she doesn’t get her love. I know a certain someone, who is in the same boat haha. The ending credits are really nice! I am in love with it.

Talking about my Sunday, I have to say that it is always the worst day of the week. Not a coincidence, eh? So recently I am not feeling well, like a little bit tired out and exhausted as always. But even while sleeping for a longer period of time, I don’t feel like being fully awake. Furthermore, I got this dumb email from PayPaI (yes, it’s an upper case i).

I recently got an E-mail like that too, but I was able to distinguish it at the time as a phishing mail. But somehow not in this case. Probably also because I wasn’t feeling very well. So I opened the mail, clicked the link and almost logged in this cunning phishing site…. I would have, if my browser wouldn’t warned me, that it was kind of unsafe. Here I want to thank FireFox for doing that. Because of that, I checked my account by a safe route by going to the official PayPal site and I was wondering what happened. Checking email again I noticed it was this dumb E-mail, which wasn’t shown immediately in my inbox. I have to change that somehow because what the fuck. So here I am still shocked about this fact, that I almost could have lost all of my money, especially before I am going for my Japan trip in 2 months. I immediately changed my password and did some things to fortify my PayPal safety…. I hope nothing will happen, though. Fcking phishers…. To hell with them.

That it happened to me still bothers me. I got the E-mail while working and afterwards, I was worried to the fullest. I still am… At the time I logged in with the working PC of the delivery service and I just do hope we didn’t get some kind of virus on the PC. It doesn’t have any proper anti-virus software as I know it… Sigh.

A dear friend of mine had her birthday. I spent some quality time with her.

I also did draw something neato for her:


She is a biochemist and she really likes Kirby and E.coli. I always so feel comfy and calm with her around, but those times will soon fade away, too. Well, I AM busy with drawing then when I arrive in Japan… Ha.