Research is agonizing


I would rather research the female body than doing research in the uni :^).

This week was very frustrating. Exhausting and tiring. The measurements didn’t work and the past days were really cold, too. I also came back home very late because I still had to do something for my Python programming course… I didn’t eat well either. Sigh.


I also have a long white hair. Oh dear…

I hope the next weeks will be better in overall. Next week the lectures of the current semester also starts. Didn’t had any real vacation. Gotta keep on going.


The sun at least shined at least once.

I just feel exhausted. Didn’t even draw as much. Ack.



I’m a lone chick

LoneChickIt would be the best to just pick me up already. Haha.

As I write this, I am waiting for my centrifugation to be done. At last I can finally work for my research internship…. Waited long enough for that already. But I am still waiting for stuff to be done ~ my synthesis, the centrifugation and other stuff…. Here are some pictures as impression.

Oh yea. The work is pretty tiring because all the steps I have to do for the synthesis and the purification is really time consuming… the past days I came home at 8 p.m…. I also don’t sleep much as always haha. Gotta keep the pressure on.
As I mentioned earlier, I work at the new labs of the university campus. Since there are barely any people there, the work is so quiet and calm. Really relaxing not having so much people around in the lab:

Having a fume hood all by myself. I reached my career maximum.

I also started to work on my anual “Draw Tamako in April” after my work in the lab. I really didn’t wanted to draw, since I was too tired and I already came so late from work but I still went for it. I do not regret it but I am tired… Well green tea always helps haha.

neguseWIP1Just have to add more cutie and more beauty.

In other news: The fountain near my flat has lights now:

I don’t know if it was always like that, but I do now know where my rent goes into…. oh boy.

Weird week


NSFW version after the break.

This week was really weird. The lab is still closed down, so I didn’t get much work done. It wasn’t in vain though, since I learned how to do my analytics for the stuff I have to do. Still it’s not my main part…. I just hope I can get some work done really quickly the next few weeks.

Also I intend to participate in a “Freestyle Acrobatics” course at the central sports thingie from university…. I’ll see how things will work out then haha. I really hope it helps me not feeling exhausted all the time. I still have to sign up though.

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Lewd set


It’s getting really lewd after the break.

My Python course ends tomorrowsies but I will get assigned some homework, which will be graded…
Not gonna fail, I guess. But it really escalates at the end of the week, leaving me confused all over the place. Also appending to the end of this week I will also start with my research internship. Today I supposed to meet up with my supervisor, but they were busy with some other stuff. I waited 2h for nothing 😦
At least I hope tomorrow will be a better day than today. Today was a kind of weird. Maybe I’m just fed up with my busy uni life atm. Ah… Maybe because I didn’t sleep enough.

The recent weeks I’m feeling exhausted very fast. My body became really frail in the course of the last 4 years. But then again: I should really catch up with my sleep.
Sigh…. who has time for sleep, eh?

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